Cowspiracy poster

I just watched  “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret“, a movie documentary by Kip Andersen, co-produced by Leonardo Di Caprio and quickly becoming a big buzz on social media.

Cowspiracy is about the problems deriving from livestock. It is a demonstration of the unexpected absence of environmental associations in the fight against the world’s most prominent cause of pollution (yes, it is not transportation, according to many researchers).

From Greenpeace to NGOs specialized in single aspects of ecological problems, they all seem very unwilling to consider the seriousness of the pollution caused by farming cattle. Not to mention all the negative health consequences associated with eating beef, especially when beef is packed with antibiotics and fed only with corn.

Cowspiracy includes interviews with executives in associations and government agencies (those who agreed to be interviewed) showing a notable fear when talking about the meat industry.

The film received $117,000 USD through crowdfunding, part of which went to dubbing the movie in other languages.

The filmmaker is not an old, politically conservative guy. He is a “San Francisco style”, young, eco-aware person. He just found out that cattle agriculture is destroying our planet, and nobody cares. Simple as that.

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