We already spoke a lot about the health and environmental benefits of edible insects. But today, we will ficus on the other meats, like chicken, pork and beef.

One of our favorite meats is chicken. FAO estimates, that human beings slaughter and eat approximately 62,000,000,000 chickens every year. What would you think is the percentage of chicken which have cancer? According to Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, the potential for chickens to have cancer is nearly 100 percent. The vast majority of the animals in factory farms shows visible cancers. Isn´t that a horrible fact, for the chicken eaters but even more for the chickens. We definitely would not eat that much of them if we would be informed more precisely about the condition of the animals we eat. But corporations spend billions and billions of dollars every year on advertising, to persuade us that consuming meat is a great thing for everyone.

Factory farmed animals continually ingest herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, hormones, growth stimulants, tranquilizers and antibiotics. All this, just to satisfy the human “need for meat”. And if this is not sufficiently gross, the FDA report suggests that 90 percent of retail meat in the US is contaminated by fecal bacteria.

Meat eaters are facing higher incidences of colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and ten times more lung cancer than vegetarians. One of the reason for this, is that the farmed animals like mentioned above, are fed with growth hormones. These hormones are used in 80 to 90 percent of cattle, pigs and poultry raised in the US.

Cattle grazing is the major cause of deforestation. It is responsible for 91 (!) percent of deforestation in the Amazonas rain forest and many other parts of the world. About 60 percent of the agricultural land on earth is used for growing food for livestock. The used fertile land could better be used to grow food for all humans.

Even if everybody would know about these alarming facts, probably not many would change their behavior. There are 7,55 billion of people living on this planet and its common that we tend to think that one single person won´t change anything. But this is not true, since this is about the life of animals. According to Vegetarian Calculator, one single person can save 202 animals per year by not eating meat. Now you can imagine what happens when you, your family and some of your friends stop eating meat just because you told them about the enormity of a change.

If you want to reduce animal suffering and environmental disadvantages like deforestation or air pollution, you have to become a vegan or at least a vegetarian right? Wrong! Farmed edible insects like crickets are not able to feel pain – in other words, no animal suffering. The meat of a cricket furthermore has shown to have very high levels of quality protein, low carbs, high iron and vitamin contents and good fats! A superfood and a good meat. Insect diseases cannot be transferred to humans. Insects are not farmed with hormones or antibiotics. Also, we can eat 100% of an insect, while we can eat only 40% of a cow.
As for the environment: cricket farming uses 1000 times less water than the traditional livestock and release 80% less methane than cattle.

You can make a big difference by changing your eating behavior! The possibilities are there, be informed, inform others and don´t believe everything the big corporations try to tell us.

In this article, we renounced to use the shocking pictures who are showing the brutal reality regarding animal farming. If you are interested in them anyway, you can have a look at https://www.peta.org/blog/17-pictures-that-sum-up-humane-meat/.


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