Every fourth Thursday of the month November, the typical American family sits together to spend an evening with their loved ones. Pumpkin Pie, Yams and the obligatory turkey are the standard menu at the day which originated as a harvest festival.
It´s ironic, that the day which is meant to thank earth for what it gave to us, is an ecological disaster for it. In times, where water gets scarce in many places and the globe suffers under the increasing air pollution, we should reconsider our thanksgiving habits.
So, what can we do to dial our ecological footprint back? Since you are reading this blog, you maybe can already imagine:
Eating insects of course!
Sure, to think that eating insects to thanksgiving will become a norm, is an unrealistic idea yet. But it could and should become more realistic every day. We just have to raise awareness about the harm we do to our planet.
So how about talking about some Thanksgiving facts?

There was no turkey on the menu at the first Thanksgiving
– the first Thanksgiving in the autumn of 1621 was celebrated by 50 Pilgrims and 90 Indians. Instead of a turkey, deer, ducks, geese, oysters and fish was on the menu. Turkeys gained traction afterwards, since Bradford wrote how the mentioned colonists had hunted turkeys during this autumn of 1621.

Each year, the president of the United States pardons a turkey – This turkey may not be eaten at thanksgiving. The last pardoned 45-pound turkey called Courage has flown to Disneyland and served as Grand Marshal of the park´s Thanksgiving Day parade.
Seems like Courage has had a better day than his friends.

An estimated amount of 46 million turkeys will be eaten every year – And the estimated number of Americans who will be traveling more than 50 miles for Thanksgiving is 46.9 million. The heaviest ever recorded turkey by the way, weighs 86 pounds according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Every single turkey requires 486 gallons (1839 litre) of water – Per pound! Since the average turkey on an American table has a weight of 15 pounds (6.8 kg), you can imagine what an incredible amount of water is needed to satisfy the thanksgiving-needs of a family, a street and whole America at this single day.

Sitting together with the family and spending a great day with them should definitely not be one of the things we must do in order to do something good for our environment. Quite the contrary, and if we stick together it isn´t even that difficult.

To sum this up: Reconsider eating more sustainable. People tend to take action not before something obviously went wrong. If you want to go for an environmentally friendly meat, consider eating edible insects. Not necessarily whole – you can also have them processed into normal food, like in the case of Cricket Pasta. Furthermore, eat as many fresh vegetables, steamed carrots, broccoli, baked potatoes as possible, if you can´t life without the turkey, cut the turkey size to a smaller one and you can easily half your water footprint – apart from, how President Trump it hopefully will do on Thursday, pardon some turkey´s.



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