The future of food is here. Its name is Bella Pupa.

In the global search for more sustainable food sources, edible insects like crickets have emerged in an assortment of new food products, from energy bars to pasta and chips. Unfortunately, farming crickets is expensive in most places, and it will likely take years before reaching efficiency.

However there is one little insect that has been forgotten: the silkworm.

Meet Bella Pupa

Bella Pupa transforms silkworm into a nutritious snack food so delicious it will turn everything you have pictured about this concept on its head. Bella Pupa is created by serial entrepreneur Massimo Reverberi working with a team of Chinese and French food designers and food scientists. The goal is clear from the beginning: use silkworm as a foundation to make something delicious that everyone will love. 

Silkworm as a wonder food ingredient

Silkworm brings tremendous health benefits. It is a great source of protein, vitamins, minerals, folic acid, and fibre. In fact, it takes half the amount of silkworm to get the same portion of fibre as broccoli and tomato! Academic researches also shows that it helps with blood glucose level and pressure.

The environmental case for edible insects

Silkworm presents a compelling solution to food security. Silkworm is a by-product in the silk industry. Of the 500,000 tons farmed in China every year, only a small part is eaten, some by Chinese, others exported to Thailand, Japan, and South Korea as a delicacy. The majority is either used as feed or fertilizer.
Silkworm exclusively fed on mulberry leaves. Compared to meat production, these insects offer a much more efficient source of protein as they require less land, water, and food resources.

All of this means silkworm—in particular in its dry form as flour—can play a pivotal role in the food system as the global population continues to grow and resources dwindle.

It’s also tasty!

To transform silkworm into premium food products, the Bugsolutely team has sourced the best quality silkworm powder in China. For optimal taste, it has engaged MILL Food Intelligence, a premium food design company, in a painstakingly disciplined design process of consumer research, trials involving 48 prototypes and tasting by consumer panels. The result is a snack product that is simply finger-licking delicious.

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