Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta

A tasty cricket flour for a tasty Cricket Pasta!

The core of Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta is obviously the flour. Our Cricket Pasta is made from a mix of wheat flour and cricket flour. In search of the perfect mixture, we tried a number of different suppliers. What we were looking for was the flour to have an intense, but not fishy flavor, as often happens with cricket flour. We also needed it to be fine, because if the cricket flour is too thick, consistency is lost. If you have tried cricket flour based products before, you probably know that there may be a grainy texture, which can only be reduced by using this ultra-fine flouCricket Pasta close upr.

According to feedback that we have already received, we were successful in creating a great tasting pasta in the last generation of our Cricket Pasta. With that said, we at Bugsolutely are keeping tabs on the ever improving milling process of our producers, and of course we are always trying new ways to make our product the best that it can be.


Below, the nutrition analysis of the cricket flour we used for our Cricket Pasta:

Quantity: 100 gr
Total energy: 450 Kcal (energy from fat 175 Kcal)
Total fat: 20 gr
Cholesterol: 0.325 gr
Protein: 55 gr
Total carbohydrate: 5 gr
Sodium: 0.175 gr


As you may have read in articles online, the flour taste depends not just from the milling process, but on the cricket (Acheta Domestica) nutrition, during their life cycle and especially in the last days. In Thailand, the feed is mostly natural, coming from vegetables, fish, meat that are produced by the farm. In our case, the crickets are reared with vegetables only, and eat pumpkins in the last two days before harvest. We work closely with our supplier (which is based not far from Bugsolutely), and we regularly send comments to each other.
It seems that the supplier like eating our Cricket Pasta, too 🙂



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