useful edible insect books

– Edible Insects in Sustainable Food Systems (Springer, 2018) PDF
– Edible insects – Future prospects for food and feed security (FAO – 2013) PDF
– Forest insects as food: humans bite back (FAO workshop in Chiang Mai, 2008) PDF

– Edible Insects in a Food Safety and Nutritional Perspective: A Critical Review PDF

– The insectivore’s dilemma, and how to take the West out of it (Food Quality and Preference, 2015) PDF

– Insects as a Delicacy and a Nutritious Food in Thailand (Sirithon Siriamornpun and Pornpisanu Thammapat, 2008) PDF
– Insects as food and feed in the Asia Pacific region: current perspectives and future directions (A. L. Yen, July 2014) PDF
– Life cycle assessment of cricket farming in north-eastern Thailand – Afton Halloran, Yupa Hanboonsong, N. Roos, S. Bruun (2017) PDF

– Datasheet: The contribution of insects to food security, livelihoods and the EnvironmentPDF
– Life cycle assessment of cricket farming in north-eastern Thailand (Journal of cleaner Production, 2017) PDF

– EU novel food and insects: all documents listed here
– Microbiological aspects of processing and storage of edible insects (H.C. Klunder et al. – February 2012) PDF
– Edible Insects and the Future of Food: A Foresight Scenario Exercise on Entomophagy and Global Food Security (D. Glover and A.Sexton – September 2015) PDF
– Regulatory frameworks influencing insects as food and feed (A. Halloran, 2014) PDF


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