Title of the new GAP document

Thailand has officially released the first Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in the world on November 2017. The GAP was created by the Thai Ministry of Agriculture (ACFS department). It contains the indications that farmers must follow to rear crickets in a safe, optimized, standardized way.

The implementation in Thailand has already started. The provincial branches of the Livestock department are trainign the farmers and certifications will follow.

You can download here the OFFICIAL English version of the GAP standard here (PDF).

The Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) document has nine pages and is broken down into five subsections, starting from how the farm should be built and managed, to the animal health and traceability. Guidelines for waste treatment are also included. With this methods it will be easier to teach the farmers how to prepare the farm and the rearing pens for the crickets, how to handle eggs and generations, how to control feed and water and train the staff.

There is an additional document released with GAP rules, and provides the same rules but with additional details. The Thai Ministry of Agriculture has not released a translation, but we have done one which is available here: GAP_ENG_Bugsolutely.




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