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Bugsolutely has made a non-official translation of the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) document released by the Thai Ministry of Agriculture (ACFS department). It contains the guidelines that Thai farmers will follow to rear crickets in a safe, optimized, standardized way. This could simplify the process of starting new cricket farms around the world.

This is the first Good Agricultural Practices standard for cricket farming in the world and the implementation in Thailand has already started. Farmers are receiving training and their activity will be verified and registered.

You can download here the English version of the GAP guidelines here (PDF).

Note: there is an additional document released with GAP rules, but it is shorter and with less details: GAP_ENG_Bugsolutely.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) are a set of rules for farming in an efficient and safe way, ensuring food will get to the processing facilities according to recognized standards.
The Thai ACFS (National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards) has published the first Good Agricultural Practice in relation to Cricket Farming. The Thai Ministry of Agriculture will initially focus on having the GAP principles applied to all the 20,000 cricket farmers in Thailand. But they might also ask to FAO to have their set of rules recognized as the worldwide GAP standard for cricket farming, further improving the development of the edible insect market.

The Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) document has nine pages and is broken down into five subsections, starting from how the farm should be built and managed, to the animal health and traceability. Guidelines for waste treatment are also included. With this Practices it will be easier to teach the farmers how to prepare the farm and the rearing pens for the crickets, how to handle eggs and generations, how to control feed and water and train the staff of the farm.

This is an important development in the standardisation of edible insect agriculture.



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