Insects are consumed by 80% of the population in Asia and South America. Finally, western countries are catching up and appreciating this healthy and sustainable superfood. Insects are not that odd, in fact, compared to cheese mold, snails, frogs and oysters, they’re practically ordinary! Crickets are actually very similar to shrimps and they have fantastic food properties. That’s why we have made a pasta out of them. Here are some benefits:

It tastes good

Our Cricket Pasta is yummy according to chefs and customers. Cricket flour adds a nutty flavor, and the taste is not too different from wholewheat pasta.

It's healthy

Crickets are full of high quality protein and they are rich in non-dairy calcium, vitamin B12, Omega 3, iron and all 9 of the essential Amino Acids. That’s why our Cricket Pasta has an exceptional nutritional profile.

It's sustainable

The planet won’t survive if we keep eating beef. Raising cattle requires too many resources (and involves animal suffering). Instead, insects are healthy and sustainable… who cares what they look like!

cricket pasta new

Ingredients: wheat flour 80% – cricket flour 20%
Nutrition facts, evaluation and p
roduct datasheet
Weight: 350 g (12,3 oz). Certifications: GMP, HACCP
Shelf life: 2 years

Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta is something completely new: a sustainable superfood containing 20% cricket flour. This unique innovation is at the top of the fast-growing market of bug-based products.

Nutritional values are exceptional and include high levels of protein, non-dairy calcium, iron, vitamin B12 and Omega fatty acids. According to chefs and customers it is not just healthy but also delicious.

are you a…

... chef

Gourmet experts can create new signature (and healthy) dishes. Edible insects are trending now, with more than 1,000 articles published in the last year (on English media alone)! There are over 100 restaurants with bugs on the menu, and a number of recipe books.

... body builder

Or someone on a diet. Crickets are made up mostly of protein, up to 65% of their weight in fact. If you compare by weight, that’s more than double the amount in beef. They also contain a lot of calcium, Omega fatty acid, Vitamin B12 and Iron.

... distributor

Insects are the next big thing in food. Do not believe the “yuck” factor will stop this industry. For example, take a look at processed food products: most people do not seem to have a problem! This is an opportunity you may want to consider. Have a look at all our documentation and certificate here.

How Cricket Pasta is made:

Plento, a Bugsolutely-AIFS joint venture. A great snack is coming!

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