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Feedback from chefs and food pros

Bugsolutely launched Cricket Pasta in January 2016 and soon we started receiving professional and consumer comments. Tell us if you like it and what sauce you added. Also, tell us what new formula and shapes you’d like to see soon.

Laurent Schneider (France)

“Dear epicurean friends. Today I present this dish using cricket pasta from Bugsolutely. I served them with basil and sarriette pesto and red capsicum confit. For texture kick and decoration I prepared crisp of chorizo and wing of fennel. Best culinary regards, Laurent Schneider”.

Michela Dai Zovi, Bugs4beginners.com

“Preview of today’s experiment: beer boiled crickets, simmered in garlic and butter, served over bugsolutely high protein cricket  pasta.”

Michela Dai Zovi, Bugs4beginners.com

“It’s Sunday! Today’s bugs for beginners recipe: #Cricket #Piccata Tart, beer and lemon-butter simmered crickets, poured over Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta”.

Cricket Kitchen (NZ)

Cricket Kitchen logoHey Bugsolutely! We paired it with French merguez sausage and mushroom – very delish 😉 Your product is fantastic. I love the name, too. It makes me smile every single time I see the box.”

Erez Spiegel, Chef (IL)

Erez Spiegel Cricket Pasta“Because of the nutty taste I paired it with a cream and mushroom sauce. It worked great. The pasta has a slight earthy effect that matches the mushroom taste perfectly. Apart from the nutritional properties, this pasta is simply good.”

Christophe Mercier, Le Cordon Bleu chef school

“I sautéed a portion with olive oil & tomato sauce and topped with parmesan: the pasta absorbed the sauce very well, and it was very rich, delicious. Then I had a a portion with olive oil and tomato sauce, chili, spices & black olives and it was perfect as well. My wife and kids ate all of it, and they said they would eat it again.”

Wong Wai Kan – Executive Sous Chef (HK)

chef Wong Wai Kan on Cricket PastaThe taste of the pasta was great! Apart from a little difference in texture, it’s just like traditional pasta.”

Marjolaine Blouzard, Chef (KH)

feedback1 “We really liked your pasta and we think we could maybe put it as a dish on our menu for next season.”

Mike Lee, The Future Market (US)

feedback2 “We served your pasta with One Hop Kitchen’s Mealworm Bolognese and it was a big talking point with the audience. It was a pleasure to showcase your brand at the dinner”

Lorenzo Pezzato, Food journalist (IT)

 feedback3“I just wanted to let you know that all the people at the dinner liked the pasta. Some noticed a pleasant nutty after taste. The result in terms of texture was also very good.”

Eli Cadesky, Food entrepreneur (CA)


“I got a chance to try the pasta today, it’s delicious, congrats on the great product.”

Brady Pawlik, Owner of Next Level Farms (US)

feedback7“I tasted your cricket pasta at the show in Detroit. It was GREAT! When I tell people about entompohagy, I usually get the raised eyebrow and the ick factor. I feel that your product can help bridge that gap.”

Damien Huysmans, founder of Green Kow (BE)

feedback8“As you can see we tasted your product with 2 pasta experts. Pretty good. Really! A very nice product.”

Caroline von Schmalensee, Food writer (UK)

feedback6“I did find that the slightly larger, floppier shape held more sauce by surface area, which I would call a pasta win. […] Would I recommend it? Ab(ug)solutely. It’s good for the environment and an easy health addition to your weekly menu.”

Thomas, Eloi, Etienne. Researchers, writers (FR)

IMG-20160823-WA0000“We cooked the pastas yesterday night with peppers, onions, mushrooms and chicken. It was really great, we found it very tasty. It is amazing how much pasta we got with only 350 g and in only 5 minutes.”

Christine Spliid, food entrepreneur (UK)

cricket-pasta-with-mediterranean-vegetables_1We love the amazing, protein-packed cricket pasta from Bugsolutely. With 20g protein per 100g, it really packs a punch, tastes really delicious and keeps you fuller for much longer than normal pasta. It is really versatile as well, there is a subtle, earthy flavour to it, and here we have paired it with classical, Italian style vegetables.”

Somkiat Pairojmahakij (Joke), restaurant owner (TH)

Seven Spoon Restaurant Bangkok - Cricket PastaWe cooked Cricket Pasta for our special event on environmentally friendly food, and I love the texture. We paired with a wild tree basil pesto, soybean and silkworm sauce. We plan to add the dish to our restaurant’s menu.”

Martina Dorfer, restaurant owner (UK)

The pasta arrived yesterday and we’ve already been using it in the restaurant ! It’s absolutely fantastic. We serve it with a homemade chilli cream sauce and it has been very well received here!

Surawat Rungtao, food professional

Cricket Pasta cauliflowerI cooked the Cricket Pasta for my family on a Sunday brunch. I added onion and cauliflower to the tomato sauce. We all liked it. We quickly felt full and I guess that comes from the high protein content.

Bea Aondio, Sinosee

Buona la pasta!! Grazie mille. I made it with cherry tomatoes and sardines.

From our clients

tomato sauce

Alisa's Cricket Pasta “The cricket pasta is delicious! I made it with tomato sauce last night, went down a treat.”

Alisa McDonald

tomato and zucchini

Cricket Pasta cooked by T.S. Strickland“On the menu tonight: Bugsolutely cricket pasta. Mmmmm. It was delicious! The sauce was Italian sausage and zucchini, just something simple.”

T.S. Strickland

pesto and cheese

Cricket Pasta pesto“[…] the noodles tasted mild, with nothing weird going on, and had the proper firm, smooth texture, with no crunch unless prepared al dente. The insect content added intrigue.”

Ari LeVaux

pasta salad

Cricket Pasta greek salad“I liked how it looked like whole wheat pasta and that it had a slightly different texture (softer) than regular flour pasta.”

George Elliot
(watch the video, including part 2)

chorizo and tomato sauce

Jenny Josephs with Cricket PastaOverall experience? 10/10. I think my friends and I would be happy to eat Cricket Pasta again.

Jenny Josephs

Tomato sauce, olive oil & parmesan

feedback5 “It’s different. But it’s different to me in the same way that tofu is not like meat. You can’t compare the two. I like both of them — I’m a meat eater but I like tofu. And I’m a pasta eater, but I’d eat this.”

Sarah Ortolan

funghi and pancetta

I finally cooked cricket pasta. With mushrooms and bacon”

Marco Mega

kale, beets & carrots

“Pasta Revolution! Cricket pasta from Bugsolutely is amazing with kale, roasted beets & carrots & sprinkling of goat cheese”.

Lisa Marie Conklin

tomatoes, carrots, zucchini

I cooked it for a group of friends. We were all enthusiast. We had an initial tasting without sauce, then we added a simple mediterranean sauce with zucchini, carrots and tomatoes. I hope to find Cricket Pasta in regular shops soon”.

Ilaria Rivolta

beans, tomatoes and onions

“My first cricket pasta creation!! Onion, garlic, red pepper, red chilli, cannellini beans, chopped tomatoes, seasoning with some basil and grana padano cheese. Quick and easy. My husband said that if I I didn’t tell him that it was cricket pasta he wouldn’t have known. Result = 👍thank you Bugsolutely”

Tess O’Flaherty



Beetroot, cheese, kale, walnuts

“I made a sauce Beetroot, Goats Cheese, Kale, Walnuts, Red Onion. For the dressing I just used a simple Olive Oil, Lime Juice, Balsamic Vinegar mix. The pasta was simply delicious”

Greg Denton



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