girl eating Cricket Pasta

Did you like our report about the Food of the Future initiative in the UK? There you go with another family who received Cricket Pasta from Kid’s science magazine, Whizz Pop Bang within the campaign for eating in a more sustainable way. There are other families who will try Bugsolutely’s innovation soon, so be ready to read more significative stories like the one below. By the way, we did not edit the comments from the family in any way and the photo in this page is authentic (we were authorized to publish both the comments and the pictures. And we wish to thank the family for this!).
<<We decided to make macaroni cheese with it, baked with some mushrooms and bacon. We cooked the pasta first and cooked some ‘normal’ pasta along with it. We noticed that the cricket pasta was much darker and were surprised how much of the colour came out in the water when we had cooked it.

girl tasting Cricket PastaWe tried it just on its own first – to compare it to the regular fusilli. (Now I say we – I couldn’t persuade my son to try it! He has dyspraxia and he’s a bit particular about his food – trying new tastes and textures is a bit daunting for him). My daughter Leah (age 10) was a bit scared to start with as she hates bugs and didn’t much like the thought of eating them! After my fiancé and I tried it though she had a go and agreed with is that it didn’t taste much different. However we also all agreed that the texture was quite different – quite grainy, but that it was still nice. In fact Leah ate so much of it that there nearly wasn’t enough to make the macaroni cheese!!

Once we had baked it and tried the final meal we agreed that it just tasted like any other pasta and that actually we quite liked the idea that it was bugs because it was very unusual and that sort of thing always goes down well in our house of self-confessed weirdos!! Leah’s grandpa was very disappointed the next day when he came round and saw the empty box and started tucking into the leftovers 🙂

We all thought that it was a good idea for companies to use insects for food as it is hard to find ways to produce enough food for everyone and insects are so abundant.  We are a fit family as well and very keen on nutrition and so the extra protein it provides makes it a more attractive proposition than regular pasta as well.

All in all we really enjoyed finding out more about using insects for food – we’ve done lots of research about what different countries eat and talked about why we need more readily sustainable resources as a result of being involved. Even Jonny who refused to try the pasta enjoyed being a part of it all 🙂

So as you may have guessed, we would definitely buy cricket pasta if it were available in the U.K. In fact, Leah asked for pasta the day after we’d eaten it all and said ‘can we go to the shop for more cricket pasta, I don’t want the normal stuff’!!! All in all a big thumbs up from the Warke household 🙂

Thanks for letting us be a part of it.>>


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